Did I brick my VIM4?

I recently got my very promising VIM4 and as I was trying to set it up properly and get it to communicate with other computers and network devices it always seemed to be trying to use a wrong subnet.

I usually set my routers subnet as where my other network devices are, but the VIM4 kept connecting to the subnet In my frustration I thought that maybe I needed to clear out all the settings it came configured with to be able to reinstall with completely . And as I messed around with that I cleared out everything I could find like the SPI memory and I don’t remember what all the settings were called. Now my board does absolutely nothing when I plug it in.

So my question is can I install the necessary items to get it working again? I would guess that has to be possible as the boards must come empty from the manufacturing plant. I have a fair bit of RPI, Odroid and Jetson Nano experience. I also have mediocre skills working with MCU’s from many manufacturers and have various hardware debuggers to flash and debug micro controllers.

Any and all help would be extremely welcome. I’d also like to mention that I can get by on BSD, have mediocre Linux experience and very long Windows experience.

Have a good day/evening/night/morning wherever you are.

did you have a look at this info: http://dl.khadas.com/products/oowow/docs/oowow-how-to.md?


Thanks alot for the links they solved my problem. :nerd_face: