Designed a board based on the KHADAS VIM3 booting error

Glad to meet you, I’m Dr. YT Park from iACT in South Korea.

I have questions about amlogic.

I designed a board based on the KHADAS VIM3.

And I used A311D as AP and SK LPDDR4 H9HCNNNCPUMLXR for memory.

When I download some images using USB_Burn_tool, I face the following error.

So I check the message, as shown in the picture below, the message “hw id:? is printed and it no longer runs.

I would like to find a solution to this problem

Thank you in advance

Best regards

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Hi and welcome to the community, please note that Khadas boards, utilize a microcontroller loaded with the Khadas’s “secret sauce” called “KBI”(Khadas bootloader instructions), which is utilized to prepare the device for entering boot state,
does you device include such a microcontroller ?

maybe you can ask @kenny, and @numbqq for some help,

All the best with your device, you are the first individual to attempt to utilize the A311D after Khadas,
I wish best of luck to prepare the development board…

Good day!


There is no booting related MCU in the board we have made.

As the below image of the circuit, we set the booting sequence by dip switches.

we used “VIM3L_Ubuntu-gnome-focal_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V0.9-20200530.img” image for usb_burn_tool.

we want to know when the error “[0x10401001]Romcode/Bl2_boot stage Error, [0x10303004]Romcode/Switch…” happens and how we can resolve this error.

If necessary, we will send you a circuit schematic of our board.

I would be grateful if you could teach me how to solve it…


I am sorry to say, but I don’t have experience with much of the VIM3’s internal workings,
It is far beyond my scope, maybe the Khadas engineers can help you with it :slight_smile:

BTW, may I know how you were able to obtain the A311D SoC ?

Khadas engineers Who can I contact?

The A311D was purchased in China as a purchasing agent.

Are Kadas engineers kenny and numbqq?

I bought a lot of vim3L and vim3 through purchasing agent.

Note that Delivery failed:

hello, try the “erase all” option and try different ports and other firmwares

keep in mind, these are two different boards with their own firmware, each, be careful!

They handle most of the Hardware and software problems for Amlogic devices…, so I recommend them…

please wait for them to reply here, I do believe that they should be able to help you by today or tomorrow…

Did you try SD image ?

I believe the entire problem is situated around boot selection part of the circuitry…

I designed a board based on the KHADAS VIM3. I used the image here.
I erased all with usb_burn_tool. symptoms are the same.
If you don’t have MCU (ST) in vim3, burning the above path image with usb_burn_tool has a problem with booting?

here is the images page

maybe you can also try the alternative tool “Krescue”

Please note that even the slightest hardware change will cause change in the DTB and hence a chunk the system firmware will be different, so you need to cross verify that your board is as similar to the VIM3 as possible,

I most certainly believe that the missing MCU and a few other component could be the reason for this error, you need to cross verify that all the important parts have been imported to your device ( no compromises can be made to the parts involved in the booting and functioning of the system…)

Hello @friendmy

Have you check all the power of AP and DDR ?


And seems you use a new LPDDR4, I’m not sure whether this one is supoported.