Demo Yolo v5 on Khadas Vim3

Hay guys!
Tried to run Yolo v5 on khadas, I did everything from instructions (cloned the Tengine Lite repo (Tengine/ at tengine-lite · OAID/Tengine · GitHub) and installed it) but ehen I’ve downloaded the correct model and the weights from khadas google drive, he gave me a mistake (something is bigger in 4 times), I’m not sure but in c code the resolution was 640x640, maybe I have to make it 320x320?
I don’t have any ideas and I just stucked on this problem.
One little thing - I haven’t installed the Tim-VX, but everything should work without mistakes even if I don’t have Tim-VX.

(On the photo I’m using the incorrect weights bcs I need uint, but even with uint he gives me the same errors)

Also, is the version correct?

Pls help…