Default usb3.0 setting

There is no MCU on the custom board, so USB3. 0 port works as PCIE.
I want to make an image that works with usb3.0 on Ubuntu booting.
How do I do it in the kernel?

Hello, Have you viewed this page?

@friendmy what is your hardware schematic for the USB3.0 and PCIe switch ? The switch is hardware based not software based, the Differential switch on the VIM3 is controlled by the MCU which maintains certain logic levels as High and Low for the device to switch between USB and PCIe…

Check A311D’s datasheet for that…

@RDFTKV that won’t work for their custom board… they don’t have the MCU to toggle it…

I read right over that custom+MCU part. :mask: Luckily my mask hides my shame. :grin:

I won’t blame you, I too am blinded at moments :see_no_evil:

By my standards, too often, you repeat after others, it looks very strange

No switching circuit.
Connects from A311D USB3.0 line to USB 3.0 hub.

Refer to the circuit diagram below.

So assuming, I have observed your circuit correctly, Of what I can see here, and with what your mention.
you left the pin responsible for the switching of USB3.0/PCIe floating, so it is neither a high signal or ground. I am not sure how they pulled it off on the VIM3 other than the fact that, it is controlled by the MCU…

Is your Linux image working ? If it is, what output do you get when you type something like lsusb or lspci

maybe you could try asking the Engineering team of Khadas of what you can do to correct this problem… @numbqq could assist you with that…

It seems no other devices are present as connected to the USB3.0 port,
which is represented by Bus 002

only the system hub is there in software…
Which leads me to believe your floating pin is enabled, causing the USB3.0 to get disconnected…

what are you getting in your logs ?
try typing, sudo dmesg | grep -i USB

[ 5.537018] amlogic-new-usb2-v2 ffe09000.usb2phy: USB2 phy probe:phy_mem:0xffe09000, iomap phy_base:0xffffff8008830000
[ 5.547320] amlogic-new-usb3-v2 ffe09080.usb3phy: This phy has no usb port
[ 5.554262] amlogic-new-usb3-v2 ffe09080.usb3phy: pci-e driver probe, disable USB 3.0 function!!!
[ 5.563291] amlogic-new-usb3-v2 ffe09080.usb3phy: USB3 phy probe:phy_mem:0xffe09080, iomap phy_base:0xffffff800883b080
dts ---->
&pcie_A {
reset-gpio= <&gpio GPIOA_8 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>’
status = “disabled”


Why did you remove the MCU module? The MCU will control a lot of the logic, including the power supply.
We don’t support for it when you remove the MCU Module

@Terry This is not the VIM3, Its a custom board made by @friendmy based on VIM3…

PcieA is disabled in dts at boot time.
When vim3 is booted with usb3.0, amlogic pcie drive(amlogic-pcie-v2 fc000000.pcieA: amlogic_pcie_probe!) is not probed.
When set to pcie, amlogic pcie driver (amlogic-pcie-v2 fc000000.pcieA: amlogic_pcie_probe!) is probed.
It would be appreciated if you could tell me where to set this part.

Modified in uboot

How to do it? Can you give me instructions pls