Debug USB hub on VIM 3

Hi all,

On my VIM 3:

  • I plug a USB VGA camera on 4 pins (2 - 5 on 40-pin header so it uses HUB_DM4 and HUB_DP4).
  • I also have a modem plugged in M2 socket (so it uses HUB_DM3 and HUB_DP3)

While camera is streaming and the modem transfers the data on the data lines, sometimes (10% of the time) I get problem of losing usb camera on the system (When I do lsusb it’s no longer there although it is still connected) and a moment later (~10s) it gets back and works like normal.

Is there any way that I can debug usb hub to detect any power consumption problem or conflict between data lines on the hub ?

Thank you very much

Hello, What type of power supply are you using?


I use a USB Car Charger which output 5V and 2.4A. I know that it can be limit for Khadas so I want to debug if it is really the problem of power.

Thank you