Customize fan activation temperature on ubuntu

I can get this .dts preped in no time, @Eurus would you like that?

wow, that looks like a lot of work! I’m gonna try it after I find a sd card and get a krecue backup ready.
Thanks a lot!

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What temperature do you need…?

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wow yes please if it’s easy for you I’m kinda afraid of kernel things to be honest

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gimme 10 mins, I will be out with that for you :slight_smile:

maybe 58,65 and 70?

On a second thought, perhaps a easier way to implement this without touching the kernel is to disable the auto mode and use a bash script that periodically checks the CPU temperature and sets the fan level based on that.

is that a legit way to try?

this is not editing the kernel

just the device tree and this is easily revertable


Sure that is possible but it mean i need to replace the entire script…

please note that is what the existing script does…

Yeah, we can easily screw around with it and still be safe from problems, not entirely safe to say…, but reversible

yes, but I can implement my own version of auto mode.

It’s like using as an API and call it "manually " in my script.

I will provide a modded dtb now, and we can try that later after a bit of tinkering,
what temperature would you like me to keep in it ? does 60 sound good ?




I would say 60, like

	fan,trig_temp_level0 = 58;
	fan,trig_temp_level1 = 65;
	fan,trig_temp_level2 = 70;

just install this deb

just confirming this is vim3 right??


replace this .dtb file

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yep, it’s vim3, I’m gonna try it

thanks guys, you are AWESOME


No problemo buddy ! :smile:

Yes, I knew you could help him, thanks!

Yes, @Archangel1235 the linux wiz :smile:

works like magic! thanks a ton