Custom EDID on Edge V


I have created kodi gbm wrapper service which auto starts on boot. It works fine if my Marantz SR7011 AVR is already on when the EDGE V boots up. But if the AVR is turned on after the EDGE-V completely boots up, I don’t get display on kodi. I tried putting custom EDID

mkdir /lib/firmware/edid
cat /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/edid | sudo tee /lib/firmware/edid/1920x1080.bin

But It doesn’t work, I have looked up dmesg for any errors related to edid

dmesg | grep edid

There’s nothing related to EDID in dmesg

Also posting output of dmesg | grep drm :

khadas@Khadas:~$ dmesg | grep drm

[ 0.000000] Reserved memory: failed to reserve memory for node ‘drm-logo@00000000’: base 0x0000000000000000, size 0 MiB
[ 2.515497] rk-vcodec ff650000.vpu_service: drm allocator with mmu enabled
[ 2.520168] rk-vcodec ff660000.rkvdec: drm allocator with mmu enabled
[ 2.533879] [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
[ 2.537942] [drm] Rockchip DRM driver version: v1.0.1
[ 3.096206] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: defer getting devfreq
[ 3.098092] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: bound ff900000.vop (ops 0xffffff8008ceead0)
[ 3.099802] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: bound ff8f0000.vop (ops 0xffffff8008ceead0)
[ 3.105796] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: bound ff940000.hdmi (ops 0xffffff8008ce3510)
[ 3.108969] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: bound fec00000.dp (ops 0xffffff8008ce4518)
[ 3.109698] [drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013).
[ 3.110297] [drm] No driver support for vblank timestamp query.
[ 3.111079] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: failed to parse loader memory
[ 3.111741] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: No connectors reported connected with modes
[ 3.112519] [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes - going 1024x768
[ 3.135953] rockchip-drm display-subsystem: fb0: frame buffer device
[ 3.927539] rockchip-vop ff900000.vop: [drm:vop_crtc_enable] Update mode to 1024x768p60, type: 11
[ 6.151947] cdn-dp fec00000.dp: [drm:cdn_dp_pd_event_work] Not connected. Disabling cdn
[ 6.159916] cdn-dp fec00000.dp: [drm:cdn_dp_pd_event_work] Not connected. Disabling cdn
[ 19.414751] rockchip-vop ff900000.vop: [drm:vop_crtc_enable] Update mode to 1920x1080p60, type: 11

I am using image on my EDGE-V