CPU fan doesn't turn on when running Android 9

CPU fan runs in Ubuntu but not in Android 9. Can you explain how to turn on fan in Android?

Hello, Did you try Settings/Device Preferences/More settings?
Are you running Khadas Android 9?

Yes, I am using Android 9. The one for using the new display. I don’t see any section titled “Settings/Device Preferences/etc”

My apologies, I was using mo123’s custom Pie ATV ROM, settings in his ROM are different.

I flashed the Edge to the latest Khadas Android 9, Edge_Pie_V190912, to check settings for you.

See screenshots below for fan settings…


I tried loading the latest Android 9 as you suggested and sure enough, there were controls for the fan. Thanks a lot. Now, my next question is: how do I make the little tsp monitor work?

Are you referring to the 5" display? If so, I do not have the display. I will look in to it when I get back home.

Yes, I’m referring to the TS050 Touchscreen. It connects to the Edge via two ribbon cables.

Much information on the TS050 is here, it mentions an Android 9 with mipi support, firmware link is there.
Also see here. An app at that link show it works on firmware version Edge_Pie_V190816. I assume it would also work on later firmwares.
Hope it helps.

Update: @bruvio
I was mistaken earlier. There is a setting for the Aux monitor. Not sure if that applies to DP, MiPi or e-DP.
Go to Settings/Display/Advanced/HDMI/ where you will see Main Screen and Aux Screen settings.
For checking, you may want to disconnect the HDMI cable to see if the TS050 comes on.