Could 30W PD USB-C Charger good enough for powering Vim3 Pro?

Hi Guys,

Just want to double check with you guys on this, we know it’s recommended to use 24W 5V power adaptor which effectively state that for an adaptor it should be able to produce max 4.8A at 5V. Unfortunately, the location I put my Vim3 can’t fit in the adaptor, so I found this one :

which is 20W PD usb-c charger, I know it’s less than 24W, but given the fact I only run Homeassistant on my Vim, I think 20W should be enough. But when I look into the specs of the USB-C charger I found this: " Output 5V=3A /9V = 2.22A" does that means this charger could only do 15W at 5V? in that case could I use this for my Vim 3?


I’m using a usb-c power supply from hp with similar output specs and it’s working fine