Cortex M4 - Can it be used ? What is it for?


I found only another post from 2019 about the Cortex-M4 inside the Khadas and it got me more questions than answers.

Can I program directly into the M4 processor ? How ? Is there anyone here that has ?

Does the OS (linux, android) use this processor in any way if it’s not explicitly programmed by the user ? What does the OS use it for ?

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Thank you!

there is one stm8 microcontroller on the board for power/boot operations
the cortex m4 is present inside the SoC itself for internal purposes, it is not meant for any user purposes :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

But if I can’t use it. I would really like to know for what applications the OS is using it for and why.

Just nerd curiosity


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It doesn’t run “applications” it runs “firmware” … at a very low-level, e.g. to handle power on/off and suspend operations. In the Amlogic world that code is all closed source.

Here’s some Bedtime reading.