Corrupted serial console output

Hello, I am using Putty in Windows. The same setup works perfectly for the VIM3.
When connected to Edge+Captain. I see some recognizable characters, but mostly blocks, random ascii and blanks.
The Edge+Captain is on mo123’s Custom ATV 1.2.

Any ideas on why?

You need to set the baud-rate from 115200 to 1500000 for Edge:

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I used the guide. I thought the 1500000 baud-rate was optional based on the following line in the guide, " If you want to use the 1500000 baud-rate,…".
I misinterpreted that. I will have another go when I get back to the Edge.

I could not get my PL2303 serial adapter to 1500000 in Windows Vista or 10. Worked fine in Puppy Linux, should have gone there first. I used picocom instead of kermit. All good.