Cooling fan kit

Hi, I’m a newbie so please be patient. I have just bought a used khadas vim on ebay and am setting everything up. I am trying to source a cooling fan kit, Gearbest and Geekbuys are not supplying them anymore. Can someone help? Thanks.

Thanks for your rely Gianni but they have sold out and are not restocking.

received today from geekbuying

but not yet the khadas vim 2 max

that the fan, no plate neither screw nor connector

Yep, VIM1 cooling fan was out of stock, more details at:

Hi, I have the VIM 1.

Hi, All:
We will keep VIM1 online for sale soon, please check the updates.


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Do you sell only the fan? or the whole casing assembly, converter ready to install

Yep, will sold as accessories independently first.

send me the links when it is available