Contents of different files generated bin_r_cv4 while export NN_LAYER_DUMP=1

While executing " each operation times usage" each operation times usage | Khadas Documentation
I got many files in the folder op_test\bin_r_cv4 on khadas VIM3.
My question is: what are the content of these files mean? Are they weights or something else?

I just explored these files and found that there is a link between number of enteries in these text files in the folder op_test[bin_r_cv4] and corresponding layer output in graph.json. For example:
The files:
contains following Total numder of enteries:

Also do you have any idea how to interpret or understand the graph.json , please recommend any documentation,
Thanks @Frank @numbqq

There are no other related documents here. These files are all intermediate data records in the process of model processing. Don’t pay too much attention to these. What you should focus on is the result of your operation.

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