Connecting LED Stripe to Edge

I would like to use the Edge V for controlling a LED Stripe. I found a toutorial for a Rasp Pie.

WS2801 LED Stripe Raspberry Pi Supply
5V +V
CK / CI Pin 23 (SCKL)
SI / DI Pin 19 (MOSI)
GND Pin 6 (GND) -V / COM

What are the corresponding pins on the Edge GPIO for CK -> SCKL and SI -> MOSI?



Hello @MikesCo
from the looks of it, I see the device is operating over the SPI interface,

according to the given pin layout from Khadas, I see that these two pins should be suited for the operation

SPI3_CLK (Highlighted in green)
is the SCKL/CK/CI pin (serial clock signal)

SPI_3_TXD (Highlighted in Pink)
is the MOSI/ SI/ DI (serial Master out slave in)

Hope it solves your query

Good day/ Guten Tag!

P.S please note in linux, you will most likely need to modify the device tree to change the muxed pins from whatever they are to SPI pins…

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