Connect Via Chromecast?


Does the usb-c interface of the Tone Board require a computer to be used properly, or would it be possible to stream music through the Tone Board via a chromecast with a HDMI to usb-c cable?

I would need some kind of splitter to get power to the Tone Board, but could this work in principle?



I’m trying to improve the audio on a little HIFI system I have set up that can be driven via spotify connect as well as a local plex server. Currently I’m running analogue from the dac in a chromecast audio to the amplifier. This set up sounds pretty decent playing simple music but can become muddled when there’s a lot going on in the music.

I’d like to use the TB since by all accounts it performs in a league well beyond its price point. I have a couple spare 1st gen chromecasts laying around and I thought I could repurpose them but I’m not seeing a viable way to go from hdmi audio to usb-c or spdif in a way that preserves bitperfect audio.

Another alternative would be to use optical from the chromecast audio. Are optical interfaces like the HiFi digi+ compatible with the ToneBoard?