Connect to wireless network

Hi All,

Brand new here, and just got my VIM3L with the idea of building it into an audio player (I’ll attached a tone board once I get things working the way I want). It works great playing music from USB and local files, but I can’t get it to connect to my wifi network.

I have a Nighthawk X10 R9000 router.

I normally use WPA2 but have also created a zero security guest network with no password to test.

I did remember to whitelist my VIM3L :slight_smile:

I see the networks in the systems connections for CoreElec, but my VIM3L won’t connect to any of them. It tries to associate, but then fails a minute or so later.

What am I missing here?


Hello! defaults to dhcp, try manual.

By the way, you can put Volumio as your second operating system (audio player)

Okay, set it to Manual, and reconfigured my router to not use DHCP, and it still fails.

This is strange to me - My router sees my VIM3L, and my VIM3L sees my router, but I can’t get them to talk.

Good to know about Volumio, but want to get the device running wirelessly first - I have my music on a NAS and want to be able to play from there, or ?? other sources independently from my PC. I could just buy another PC to do it, but the WAF is low there … Khadas is small and ‘cute’ … and comes with a remote instead of a keyboard :slight_smile:

yes, he knows how to work a local network :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm … am I to take that as “it’ll work better on a wired connection”?
That is fine … I have the option to use this as a media system instead of dedicated audio (audio has to be wireless as I use it at work where I have not wired ports).

For home use I’m hesitant about Volumio as I need to be able to control where my signal out is … for music it will be ToneBoard into an Emotiva amp, for movies it will be HDMI (for surround sound) into a Yamaha receiver that handles 5.1 … I can use a tap off the signal to turn the corresponding amp/receiver on/off.

For work, it is all music, so it matters less.
… long term intention was to build 2 … but experimenting first with a single to find out the ‘surprises’ :slight_smile:

I mean, you can control in the zone of your network, remotely :slightly_smiling_face: