CNC Machined Aluminum Case for Khadas VIM2


For a whole Friday only there is winter sale 25%

Code: W1NT3RS$L3


Any discount ? I just found this item.


Yes, I am waiting for a discount too.
I am going to use the VIM2 with tuner board, can this case be adapted for it ?


I want a version of the case with the DTV extension. It will be posible?



Yes, very useful thing, I am waiting too.


Another discount maybe? :wink:
Item is in shopping cart :smiley:



@Kug3lis, any chance of a version of the case for the VIM2 + VTV?


I think they stopped support…
It is more than one month since last reply…


Sorry, but now we have no plans for version with VTV.

@Gabriel we are still selling them


Hi Kug3lis:
Kindly check the email for the Tone Board sample infos.



@Kug3lis: did you still sell the case.
It is not available on the site.