CNC Machined Aluminum Case for Khadas VIM2

Hi there,
Nice looking case, congratulation. Do you have some temperature statistic with and without case? And does it fit also for VIM1?

as @ssehovic wrote, it is a bit expensiv, but I know that ALU cases are always expensive.

With high system load, the max temperature was 40ºC. The PCB fits VIM1 but the CPU is a bit offset from VIM2 version so it will not have full touch with case.

It’s not mass produced, each unit is CNC machined from solid aluminium.

  1. You can “cube” , which is used to transfer heat from the processor to the shell, not glue on the top cover with the housing Assembly at the factory. The user will paste it in from the beginning to the processor, and then (when closing the top cover), this “cube” will determine the place where he was to contact with by the body.
  2. Maybe not a big price reduction, you can add the option without connectors for WiFi antennas (not all users need WiFi). By the way, ideally, it is desirable to have removable WiFi module. I have use cases where WiFi is not necessary (and even harmful from the point of view of energy consumption and security).
  3. I join the question of access buttons on the Board. There are on the case otverstie\window that you could click on the buttons ?
  1. I will think about it
  2. I will create a possibility to buy without WiFi antennas
  3. There are holes on the side for the buttons you can see here:


Hi, Aurimas:
If needed, we can help you sale your Aluminum Case on our distributors like Gearbest, if you agree that, you can PM me for further details.

PS: I also thought that the price comes too much for VIMs users.


Agree Balbes150’s thoughts:

  • Would be better compatible for both VIM1 and VIM2
  • Buttons is a must for both developers and normal users.


  • Would be better to mount our official cooling fan(high speed and slim)

  • Is it possible to remove the Gap between HDMI and LAN ports & HDMI and TF Card Slot.

  • Is it possible to reduce the thickness of the ports side? Not sure whether all cables will fit your case

  • And one more: does the TF card is easy to insert in/out?

Hello! Do you plan to make a new version of the case suitable for VIM2 with DVB Extension board? I would buy one.

It is desirable to add to the housing opening to access the M-register.

@Gouwa, you can raise the issue of mandatory add a microswitch on the M-register ? It is very difficult to close the contacts and not to damage surrounding components. I know that many users have this problem. Add the microswitch at least in the maximum version. It’s not will significantly increase the price but will significantly simplify the handling of the M-register. The maximum version VIM2 bought primarily for serious work on the development of programs, where you often have to debug your code (and use M-register), it is necessary to facilitate users using M-register.

  • There are holes for the buttons you can see in picture above
  • Case was made to be silent so no fan
  • There are no way to remove the gap
  • The ports are almost flush with the case

Regarding TF card:


I can modify the design if you going to buy bulk

P.S. The price is pretty decent for the hand machined case.

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@Frank.DTV might also interest for this.

I was interested in the idea of passive cooling. You can make a set consisting of copies of the top cap of a standard housing, but to make it of metal. And of suitable size “cube” for heat transfer from the processor to the top (metal) cover ? Need a simple flat rectangular plate. I want to combine a standard plastic case and replace it with only one top cover. I think you can make the most simple rectangular plate with 4 holes for housing bolts , a hole for 40-pin connector, one common hole for the fan connectors and battery the RTC. You can also add two holes for mounting connectors WiFi antenna (now used in your new body). Antenna will be located on the top cover vertically.

Very nice case. I like it very much.

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Hey, who else wants the case for DBV extension?

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For a whole Friday only there is winter sale 25%

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Any discount ? I just found this item.

Yes, I am waiting for a discount too.
I am going to use the VIM2 with tuner board, can this case be adapted for it ?

I want a version of the case with the DTV extension. It will be posible?

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