Clustering VIM3 (M2 mounts)


I would like to ‘cluster’ all my vim3 together. There is a lot of products available for RPI but i’m not sure about VIM3.
For example, this one is for RPI Raspberry Pi 4 Acrylic Case 3 to 8 Layers Acrylic Box Shell Enclosure with Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B / 3B Plus / 3B|Demo Board Accessories| - AliExpress but i’m not sure it will fit for VIM3 (despite the fact that they are both M2 compatible).
Do you know compatible products or do you have any advices ?
Thank you


I’m building a VIM3 cluster as well, and I came to the final call to assemble them with just m2 spacers, there was an example of this on the khadas website which seemed like a robust and compact system,

as for cooling, we might as well just add one large cooling fan, and small heatsinks to each device, to keep them thermally stable

the whole setup might be doable in under the same price range as the RPI package you prescribed, or perhaps we might need to try out a custom 3D printed solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes i think you’re right. It will be the best solution.
Thank you,

You can add more spacers to it to give some more space and add a decent size heatsink.

It will help with cable management also.