Charger for edge 2

Hi there,
Can I use a 25w USB C charger with PPS function to power khadas edge 2?

Hello @TCBLyolo

What’s the voltage and current?

Hi @numbqq
I have found a 12v with 2A output and it works perfectly. Thanks


I have a Lenovo charger but has a 20v 36W output
Is it too much voltage for the board and will it help me to power the DP output to a 12v monitor?

Please make sure your adaptor is PD protocol and has a 12v output level.

Yes it is compatible with D3.0 y QC 3.0 but has a 20v output

Hello @davrdz25

Does it support 12v voltage? If not, then the actual voltage will be 5v and it is not enough for Edge2.

It has 20 V ~ 3,25 A/15 V ~ 3 A/9 V ~ 2 A outputs

Hello @davrdz25

Then the voltage maybe 9 V.

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