Change default boot

Can we install “grub” in duo boot ROM?
So we can change default boot at will (instead of booting Android as default?)

Hi, Bengt:

  • VIM doesn’t support Grub yet.
  • For default OS desiring, can be achieved with a easy way with current bootloader:

1> Boot without jumper: Android as default
2> Boot with jumper: Ubuntu as default

We will add this feature to next built.

Do you talk about dualOS image? On my VIM this jumper does not work, I still have to hold F button or reboot from Android to launch Ubuntu. So I don’t get - you will will add this feature to next built or it is already "can be achieved with…"
I found no info about GPIOH_5 on the scheme. What is it responsible for?

In my case I would preffer to have LibreELEC (on eMMC) as a primary system for all the family to watch movies and Ubuntu as secondary for my Linux study. Or maybe to boot into the last state by default with an option (5-10 sec) to choose while reboot. The idea is to elude button manipulations.

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Hi, Alexander:
The jumper feature haven’t added in current build, will be done next built.


  • Page 6:

  • Page 10:

OK, we will collect more feedback about this.

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