Certification Details of Edge V and VIM3 Pro


I found that Edge V is CE,RoHS and FCC certified. But VIM3 Pro is CE and RoHS certified.
Am I right about these details? Or Is there any latest development regarding VIM3 Pro and Edge V certification?

Yes, Additionally the VIM3 also has FCC, and Telec certification :slight_smile:

maybe you want to know about a specific certificate?


Do you have any document for the certification details of Edge -V and VIM3 Pro?

Yes, I also want that. Do you have any document regarding Edge -V and VIM3 Pro certification details?

For VIM3 you can get it here:

for EdgeV you can get it here:

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Thanx @Electr1

Edge V FCC folder is missing I guess???

I am not sure where the EdgeV’s FCC certification is…

Thanx a lot @Electr1

they are probably present, just not specified

But it is FCC certified. Right?

information is periodically updated, there is something, maybe not everything is indicated, as I said

I believe so, I will try to check, in the meanwhile you can ask @Gouwa if it is FCC- commplaint :slight_smile: