Case for the VIM3 with the new MX2

Anybody aware of a case for VIM3 that would fit VIM3 with the new MX2 extension board?
(this one:

This board sticks out so it will not fit in the DIY case or the KKSB case, as I can see. I have not tried it personally, but looks like both these options do not have enough lateral room to fit the new MX2 extension board.

@tsangyoujun has kindly posted link to custom CAD design for the VIM3 with the old MX2 extension board in this thread: Case for the VIM3 and M2X

Is there anything like this exists already for the VIM3 with the new MX2 extension board?


Hi, welcome to the community,
you can scroll down a bit in that thread to see the case I have designed, you can take a look at it,
it suits the new M2X board…

Hi @Electr1

Thank you , I have seen that post but glossed over it without realizing that your design is compatible with the the MX2.

Will definitely check it out.

Why? it is compatible… even our forum member posted it after finishing…
the dimensions perfectly suit a new M2X board as well…

you can also design your design according to the parameters for m2x.
Good luck to you!

I have modified the Khadas VIM Case V2 by daviddawe1982 using Blender to fit my VIM3L + M2X.
It’s not a great modification, but it slices in Prusa Slic3r, prints well and works perfectly.

Also modified the buttons :wink:

The vent holes are handy for the SMA bulkhead sockets for 4G/WiFi aerials!

I haven’t got around to publishing them, but let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll have a go at uploading it to Thingiverse as a remix.


I like the vertical standing feature. It offers a good opportunity to get some flow through ventilation by venting on the bottom and venting on the top.
Nice job.

Its also apparently Dunkin Dounut’s themed :yum:

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