Case for edge + juice

Is there a case that will hold an Edge, a juice board, and the batteries?

I would love to buy all four at one go.

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Have you looked at the Kap Case ?

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No, I had not, because I had focused my research on the Edge-V. But I’m glad I didn’t specify that, because this is worth knowing about.

My original vision was for a case that would just hold a mainboard, batteries, and whatever daughterboard was needed to connect the batteries and the mainboard.

But the Kap Case (even with the larger purchase it entails) is something worth considering.

If I were to buy all the “required” components for the Kap Case (Edge, Captain, batteries, screen, case itself) it moves this into a different price bracket at around $300. I wonder how “required” the screen (and for that matter the Captain board) really are…

Another issue with buying the full set of components, is that they’re not currently all available in the Khadas store. Maybe I could source everything in one order from another retailer.

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There isn’t any specific Edge-v + battery case, but are you willing to look into 3d printable ones ?

I’m happy to buy a 3d-printed case.

As I don’t have a 3D-printer, and I’ve never used a 3D-printer, and learning it is not in the “something I’ve been wanting to get around to” list, 3D-printing my own case would fall under the category of “significantly extra expense” (i.e. lots of time and effort, even if it doesn’t cost any money)

Not ruling it out entirely, but I’d have to be extra motivated to go to the trouble.
And since I haven’t actually bought the Edge yet, there’s no sunk costs motivating me.