Can't turn on after turning off by the remonte controller


I purchased VIM2, I installed a dual OS on it - Linux Mate and Android 7. I have a problem that sometimes, after turning off by the remote controller, VIM2 can not be turned on, it does not help to push the buttons or disconnect HDMI cable or the power supply. The only thing that helps is re-loading the software via USB.

Is it possible that the power supply is to blame? I used the charger from USB-C to power from the phone. I am asking for suggestions in this matter.


Hi Darek,

What do you mean re-loading the software via USB?

Which version ROM you installed?

We need more information to locate your issue, any further more information will be help.

Good day!

Hi Gouwa,

My TV is responsible for the situation, or rather - the second HDMI connector that has stopped receiving the signal from the device. So I apologize :slight_smile:

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