Can't support OpenVPN after upgrading

Which Khadas SBC do you use?

VIM3 Basic

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?


Please describe your issue below:

I started using this version of the Ubuntu image, it supports OpenVPN very well. After upgrading the OS using “apt upgrade”, I can’t use OpenVPN and got an error like “openvpn–ERROR: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: No such file or directory (errno=2)”.
I noticed that the updated OS’s kernel doesn’t have the builtin module /kernel/drivers/net/tun.ko, but the old one has.
Is there any reason for moving this module in the new upgrade, and whether openvpn can be re-supported in subsequent upgrades? @Frank @numbqq

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updated OS:

old OS:

Hello @JJ1997

Sorry, it was a mistake but already fixed now, please upgrade your kernel.

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo reboot