Cannot enter upgrade mode

No matter what I try now I cannot enter upgrade mode.

I managed to enter once, and flashed ubuntu, it works (kind of)

Now I want to try and flash the latest android image so I can then try libreelec (as I cannot boot this without latest image I believe?)

If you want to boot LibreELEC,you can follow below steps:


  1. follow MRegister Mode on Howto Boot Into Upgrade Mode guidance to enter into upgrade mode

  2. insert the LibreELEC sdcard

  3. Everything goes well,you can boot LibreELEC

The latest android image still don’t support the multi-boot. We will release the android image supporting multi-boot after Chinese New Year Festival.

Thank you I will try this.

I cant seem to get into upgrade mode still. I have tried holding metal (knife) onto M register, without realising, then pressing short reset. The device appears to restart, but no upgrade mode.

Working g, I must not have done shorting right first time!