Cannot boot into upgrade mode

I’m trying to enter upgrade mode from the 5.5-rc2 kernel + mainline U-Boot from Fenix.

TST, Keys mode, and serial mode from: are not working.

In U-boot update and maskrom are undefined.

Can anyone help? I want to revert to the 4.4 kernel using the rk-burn-tool but can’t get into upgrade mode.


@ianwhamilton Did you connect the type-C port to you PC ? The TST mode can boot into upgrade mode whether the firmware on the board is damaged or not, it works through MCU . Does the blue light flash when you enter TST mode ?


Yea I had the USB-C connected while trying the TST mode.

I get the blue light to flash once when the reset button is pressed then U-Boot finishes and the kernel boots and the white heartbeat light flashes no matter how long I continue to hold the Function button. I tried multiple times.

I had successfully done this before multiple times I don’t know why I can’t get it now.

Is there anywhere where the upgrade and maskrom U-Boot functions are defined and I can just manually get them to be read into U-Boot to get into upgrade mode that way?


Look at this port. This is a way to force into upgrade mode . You can try with it .And could you tell me did you use original data line which come from khadas ? You should confirm whether your data line has the function of data transmission . I have met several times that some users use data lines without data transmission function, resulting in failure to enter the upgrade mode .


@ianwhamilton Did you success ?

No. I was able to boot into upgrade mode one time. That’s it. I installed ubuntu at that time onto EMMC

which method did you try using ?
TST, power and reset buttons, or the M register method ?
I Suggest using the TST method…