Can Volumio (or other player app) be used as a remote for VIM3?

Firstly, I know Volumio is not supported on VIM3 yet but AFAIK it will be in the future. What I am wondering is if I can install Volumio or Foobar etc. music player on the VIM3 and use a tablet as a wireless remote control for folder/search/play functions?

Thanks for any replies.

@Donanon Vim3 support of volumio is in the process of production. Wait a little longer and it will be supported soon

VIM3 is just for test at this moment same as VIM3L

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Thanks a lot, can you confirm please, before install VIMx.Volumio.emmc.kresq do I need install kersque firts, or this image alread OS + Volumio (sorry for simple question, I am not developer, so a bit difficult understanding for me)

yes, for example, I use this application to control Volumio, I control it from a smartphone

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Thanks Vlad. I’ll check that out.