Can not into upgrade mode after wrong firmware download

Hello @jspark

Can you also try Mregister to check whether the board can enter upgrade mode ?

The log is the same because no log is generated with the function key.

@jspark when you try to do the Maskrom mode, you need to do it while the board is trying to power on, also try to see what you get on the screen with the USB burning tool…

In the second video when you do it, the board has already powered on…

What does USBBurningTool show you when connecting the board, please show?

Below is the M Register video.
Even when the M Register is shorted, pressing the reset key resets the board.

@jspark other than the uart logs, what response does the burning tool give?

you need to put a jumper before starting the firmware, you will hear a sound that the board is detected

After connecting the USB Burning Tool and pressing the function key 3 times, the download was entered.
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Good to know, that was what we were telling the whole time…

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Yes, in fact, everything is simple!
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