Can MIPI display be used with Ubuntu?


I am trying to get the TS050 touchscreen working with the Edge-V while running Ubuntu. I’m wondering should this work out of the box, if not, can I get it to work by compiling a new kernel with the appropriate changes made to the dts file(as per or will it only work on android. I have it working with android but would prefer to run ubuntu, the only documentation I can find is related to android.

Thanks in advance for anything that might point me in the right direction,


You can light up the Mipi screen by connecting properly here:

Hello @blueberryberret

For ubuntu, you need to edit file /boot/env.txt to enable the screen.

$ sudo vim /boot/env.txt

Change mipi_lcd_enabled=false to mipi_lcd_enabled=true and reboot the board.

$ sync
$ sudo reboot

Hi buddy, Have you got success on Ubuntu?

Hi, thanksto @goenjoy and @numbqq for your quick reply, very much appreciated. I can boot into ubuntu using a hdmi monitor and make the suggested change to /boot/env.txt, when I reboot however, it gets stuck on the boot logo whether I use the TS050 or a hdmi connection and I have to do a fresh install. Haven’t tried much else as I have been busy the last few days, but will give it another go this evening. Have you had any success with this?