Can I Run firmware for VIM 3L on 3 Pro?

I have a VIM 3 Pro, can I run the VIM 3L Android 9 firmware on the Pro?

Thank you.

Hello ebecaf :slightly_smiling_face:

in short, you cannot run VIM3L’s firmware on the vim3, the firmwares are build with the device in mind


VIM3 and VIM3L use different RAM chips so the FIP sources that are used to sign u-boot and boot the board are different (and not compatible). Anything above u-boot (Kernel, etc.) should be able to run on both boards as they are largely (and deliberately) similar.

@ebecaf Why do you want to run VIM3L firmware on VIM3, VIM3L has functions, VIM3 has some functions

To see if I can get the lock screen working n VIM 3, as per this issue:

@ebecaf i will add the lock function later

I bought a Khadas VIM because it was recommended at, “Later” is not a professional response. I bought Khadas’ products, I don’t expect them to be non-functional, these devices are for industry use, and therefore need security. I can’t believe lockscreen was even removed.