Can i Connect Mobile 2K or 4K LCD?

Hi All,

I am very new to this Khadas and to this form too… basically i am a DIY Projector enthu, was searching for a better controller with better feature for 2K and 4K LCD with Android, and i landed here. was gone through couple of Khadas videos and fascinated with its capabilities…

coming to my first question

  1. Can i connect below LCD to Khadas ?
  2. is it plug and play or i need to update program to use this LCD ?


You can use the 4K LCD directly and don’t need to update ROM. But if you use the 2K LCD, You can have a try. Maybe you need to modify the source code and build your own ROM.

Hi, Satish:
As Terry replied, as VIMs don’t spec with any LCD port like LVDS/eDP/MIPI-DSI, so you need a HDMI to LCD-port bright to light up a LCD module.


Hi Gouwa,
you mean i can’t connect a MIPI interface LCD directly on the board, but i need a MIPI to HDMI conversion board ?

Yes, you are right. The VIMs haven’t MIPI interface.