Camera orientation in Android 9

I am using IMX214 camera (from Khadas shop) and Edge-V with Android 9 installed.

Sensor is flipped on the device (construction specific) and used as front camera.

I have tried the sensor.orientation property for IMX214 m01 section in hardware/rockchip/camera/etc/camera/camera3_profiles_rk3399.xml file, but it did not help.

Where is the initial camera orientation property can be found in Android source code?

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Generally, the camera register value is modified to achieve rotation, which is reliable.


Thank You! The register with address 0x0101 can be used for camera rotation.

0x0101 1bit Image orientation for Vertical direction 0 : normal 1 : reverse
0x0101 0bit Image orientation for Horizontal direction 0 : normal 1 : reverse
(see kernel/drivers/media/i2c/imx214.c, line 172)

Also, rotation requires changing in data format