CAD design - KAP Case for VIM3 including OS08A10 8MP HDR Camera

Hi Khadas Community,

I am trying to make a Custom Case CAD for something like the KAP case. I want to use VIM3, new VIMs HeatSink, Cooling Fan, Heat Pad, TS050 Touchscreen, OS08A10 8MP HDR Camera and a power bank for some outdoor use. The case like KAP would work but with space for mounting the camera and power bank. I really have no experience in making CAD designs. If anyone had previously made a CAD for this use case before, please help me out. Or, If anyone can suggest any procedure, free software, any suggestion or anything useful please go ahead. Or if you could tell me where can I find this design. I really need those and I would really appreciate it if someone helps me.


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Hi @CodeLogist,

You can find the 3d models (STEP format) for most of the components you’re looking for here:

I am planning to make a 3D model fo the OS08A10 camera today or tomorrow.

Free software:

Just sign-up for the student or startup plans which are free for 1-year. Takes maybe 2 weeks to master the basics. They also have a web-based version which has less features.

You Jun


I’ve completed the 3D model, we’ll upload it to Khadas Docs soon.


Thank you so much @tsangyoujun for your quick help. I’ll use those designs and will make the CAD for required case.


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Hi, I have made 2 designs for the case which has space to fit a power bank, khadas camera, heatsinks, cooling fan and VIM3. Although I had made those 2-3 weeks back. I’ll be making those design public soon here so that anyone else or khadas could modify or use those(just to contribute to this amazi g community).

Also can someone answer another doubt of mine please here: How to control buttons on VIM3 using python

It would really help me and community out.


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