BSD for Khadas EDGE (RK3399)


Has anyone tried running BSD (FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD) on Khadas EDGE SBC?


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BSD is a complete different architecture other than Linux. Porting BSD will have to be down from scratch, But freebsd have good support for ARM SBC’s. Maybe someone can port it.
Link Here

I have not come up with anyone using BSD on Khadas devices so far.

It says here…

Supported hardware
Rockchip RK3328/RK3399

  • Pine64 ROCK64
  • Pine64 ROCKPro64
  • Firefly-RK3399
  • Theobroma Systems RK3399-Q7

It may well work on EDGE…
You just have to try :slight_smile:


@SleepWalker I catch you here.

HI, @mko_io. Good to see you here.

Good to see Khadas users interested in BSD. Even I am looking to port Freebsd for some other armv7 device. If you find out how to port bsd to arm please share the document with me.


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@Spikerguy manu@ and other freebsd committers are working on RK3399 chip, it can currently boot into single user mode, and there’s a temporary fix and plan to support the full multiuser mode.

here’s the related thread in the freebsd mailing list archive

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