Broken Vim2 max?

Hi community,

I got a vim2 max 2 months ago and have been playing around with it. For almost the entire last month i had Ubuntu Mate on it running a Minecraft server. The issue started a few days ago: The vim2 randomly shut down so i had to pull the power out and put it back it. it would come back up again and i could ssh to it (i then started my minecraft server again).

A day ago i noticed i could not reach my vim2 anymore. Since then i tried to get it to boot again but it does nothing. It seems like it;s completely dead. changed power source, tested cables. put NOOBS on an sd card and tried if it started that… nothing.

Is it dead or is there anything i can try? It also does not connect to PC anymore…

Kind regards,

Hi, Carsten:
I’ll try to figure out the problem :smile:

You said you tried with another power adapter, so it seems not the power issue, just kindly ensure that a 5V 2A adapter are recommenced.

NOOBS? Isn’t for Raspberry Pi only?

Kindly be more specific with the detailed steps.

Does you put VIM2 inside a box? Did you do any action for a heat spreading?

Kindly response one by one and I will keep following.


Hi Gouwa,

Thanks for the reply.

  1. I tried to power the Khadas Vim2 max with a 5.3V 2A and a 5V 3A adapter.
  2. I just put NOOBS on an sd card for a new Raspberry Pi that was gifted me, i thought i’d give it a go.
  3. I played around with some firmware from the Firmware page ( i tried LibreELEC and Ubuntu and then back to Android nougat. I had to flash the vim2 using that usb burning tool for windows. That worked fine before. When i connected the vim2 to a pc, i always got a connection. But not anymore…
  4. I had the vim2 turned on with an ethernet cable in it in my home’s fuse box/closet. The Vim2 was inside it’s own housing. No heat sink or fan on it. (Why would it be sold without it if it’s a requirement for running properly?)

Thanks in advance,

Did you try Erase the eMMC first and upgrade to new ROM?

Yep, at first we thought users can DIY with a heat sink, seems that we were wrong, So we are designing new DIY Case for both VIMs.