Broke my OS08A10 Camera

Note to self - don’t try and bend that cable round corners

Mistake I won’t be making again! Assume no way to repair?

Hey! I think it is possible to restore, you try to give it to a local workshop.

I don’t think there is one, the most you could try is bodge wiring the 40 connector pins,
but these could cause much interference and ruin signal integrity, could have been easier if it was a removable FPC :confused:

@birty maybe contact @Gouwa to see if something can be done :crossed_fingers:


Yeah from what I’ve read it’s got impedance controlled lines etc on it so don’t think getting my soldering iron out will fix it. Nevermind lesson learnt!

Should probably note on it somewhere that it’s pretty easy to break so only run it flat



感谢您的反馈,我们会在月度报告中注明。 顺便说一句,你能贴一张你的相机照片,显示 FPC 电缆的哪个点发生断裂? 它将帮助我们更好地理解问题。


That’s what happened to mine as well then the whole thing came off. Basically any bending looks like it’s not good for it

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Understood - we’re working on it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks :+1:. Never had any issues until I tried to use the camera off centre from the connector on the vim3 (like in the picture below where the vim is centred under the controller board - can see the (badly soldered!) 40pin header). Think I was asking the cable/PCB to bend in too tight a set of turns - have opened it up as much as I can so hopefully ok now!