Bring the build to libreelec community

@vrabac Thank you for testing. I think I have found the reason: dwc_otg needs to be built as a kernel module, not built-in. I am building 8.0.2c right now and it should be fixed.

I know that scanning is very slow, so far I haven’t looked into fixing this as most of the times you go to wireless settings once, connect and never go back unless you change your SSID. :wink:

Automatic updates are not implemented in my community builds. You can add custom update channel if you want to have semi-automatic updates:

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@kszaq with the 8.0.2c and the dtb v2 file, everything is fine here.

No big deal with WiFi settings and Automatic updates. Thank you for letting me know.

My next step would be writing your image to eMMC. I found here script you are using to prepare eMMC. Is this found in this pastelog “standard Amlogic” memory layout?

Also could it be that my microSD is broken? See that above pastelog from line 112.

HI :slight_smile:
which is dtb v2 file? thanks!

Hi vrabac:
I also encounter this issue, bu how to dd to SD card? thank you!

Well I call it v2 , but actually is the only one found in device_tree from @kszaq. Which can be found here:

@zewen so you don’t have Android ROM flashed before? I use Vim_Marshmallow_Root_170303.7z . You need to have Android on eMMC to activate multiboot (by going to Android Menu “update&backup” (settings - about - update&backup - updateLocale-select - - update), or inside u-boot by running “run update”. Then it should automatically boot LibreELEC from microSD (you may see reboot few times).

Hi vrabac: @vrabac
boot with Vim_Marshmallow_Root_170303.7z in emmc,
1.At Android/Settings/About Device/System/updates, under the UpdateLocale section, click Select, but there have not an selection window, which means i canot select file
2.Not have an :in this topic How to boot balbes150 libreelec image? I have know that when you burned LibreELEC.img to microSD, there will be an file named But when I do this there have not this file.(my image is compile from the sourced code at khadas github)
How is this going? thank you!

Does this set of u-boot commands activate multiboot on any u-boot ? Here is your s905_autoscript.src

I don’t have anymore Android on eMMC so i can’t do this
settings - about - update&backup - updateLocale-select - - update

I flashed Ubuntu server image from khadas (as android u-boot does not have ext4 boot support), but I don’t know how to activate back that multiboot, to boot your LibreELEC image which is already on microSD and working fine for weeks.

@kszaq Thanks very much for your build.

Today I finally got LibreELEC 8 running on my Vim Pro.

The tricky part was how to enter u-boot. I need to use an UART cable, Android build “Vim_Marshmallow_Root_170303”, when rebooting the board, press any key to enter the u-boot.

Then I followed the instructions from your thread here:

Finally, run “run update” to get LibreELEC booted.


Anyone tried to install kszaqs libreelec 8.1.x release on vim pro? I tried all methods to install it, but i can not.

Did you also included the right device tree?

Yes I did use the correct device tree.

Then I have no idea. I never tried the new versions.

Hi. I checked out the launch of your latest build LE for VIM Pro. When using dtb c your site, LE does not start. I replaced “dtb.img” on my option, it’s boot and all running (kvim.dtb). This is the source code of dts , which I use to build working file. Maybe it will help you to find the cause of the failure in your file for the new version (8.2) to run on the VIM1.

To use the latest build Kszaq (8.2) you can use this version of the dtb file. I’m with him everything works on the IOS and Android-6.

Thanks very much @balbes150!

Was there any problem or it’s suitable for daily use?

I checked only the common run, work wired, work audio via BT, I see the WiFi network, tried playing a simple video. Installing to internal memory I haven’t checked (I have installed in eMMC Armbian with KODI that plays a fullscreen video).

Hi @balbes150, thanks for the prompt reply.

The current version running on my VIM1 Pro is “8.0.2e (2017-07-04)”, it works well for the most tasks.

However, there are glitches when navigating the UI, especially navigate into Album list or Movie list.

Is it possible to use upgrade over “SMB share” from Kszaq version to yours?

I tried yesterday to update for Kszaq-s LE 8.2 with his device tree, and now my Vim does not boot, my device is stop on khadas logo. How can I fix this? Usb burning tool does not see my device, I can not erease EMMC with buttons on the Vim, and I can not boot into upgrade mode with keys mode…

I doubt that the possible transition to another version using the tar file. This is a different version of the kernel 32 or 64 bit. You can burn my image to an external drive, update multiboot (it is universal and can work with all the LE and Linux images, including images Kszaq), and try my way with external media. In this mode you can use both versions of the LE in parallel , as needed.

You can use contact closure “M” of the register, in order to start the process of firmware with a PC.

Thank you, with this method my VIM is working again. :wink: I installed LE 8.1.2 with your dtb file and it is working fine from external drive, but when I am using the “installtointernal” command from SSH, my device stop booting, just show the Khadas logo.

Thank you, I updated device tree for KVIM comparing your one to original. I tested a fresh install and it boots properly. I also added a note on LE forum how to easily boot to LE for the first time: