Bricked thumb drive after connection to VIM3

Hi All,

This morning I inserted a 16G thumb drive into one of the USB ports on my VIM3 to listen to some music and the drive not only wasn’t recognized, it was completely unusable after I disconnected it. Is this because I did not toggle between PCI-E and USB 3.0 mode to set the USB ports to USB 2 mode?

Thanks for any info.

Hello, I do not think it would make much difference if PCI-E mode, as the USB would work as USB2. Assuming your thumb drive is compatible with USB2.
If you have a Windows PC, can you see the drive in Disk Management?
Just a note, I have lost 3 thumb drives already this year. All three failed without warning. While I am not suggesting the drive failed, it cannot be ruled out just yet.

Yes, it shows up as Drive L but I can not access it, it will not open. I tried it on my wife’s lap top with the same results. I am not computer savvy enough to break it open.

Under Disk Management you may just need to assign a drive or make it active again
I have seen this before with some USB drives they go dumb…


It sounds like your thumbdrive has failed, sadly. If you plug it into a Linux machine and check dmesg, you should find some clues at the end of the output.