Booting a 4.10 mainline kernel

Is it possible to have a complete image (ubuntu) with this 4.17 kernel, which an enduser can burn to khadas vim 1?
At the moment I use the kvim only for Coreelec, which is ok. But this wasnt the idea when I bought this thing.

I tried to to build kernel 4.17, but I failed

Go for an Armbian image by balbes150. See the thread here: rc3 images are in the test directory.

I have struggled, and failed, to get umiddelb work to boot, even copying it on top of an existing bootable SDcard.

Thanks, I have only noticed Kernel 4.16 Builds and didnt see the test directory.

The are some issues with the mainline kernel which you should know about.

The plan vanilla kernel doesn’t reduce the clock frequency for eMMC access, so you will experience lots of error messages. I’d recommend to build the mainline kernel from my repository.

The current u-boot loader fails to boot a mainline kernel unless the image is converted to an uImage, so you have to modify the boot environment.

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If you use two small patches, the main kernel can be easily started with any u-boot without any conversion of the resulting kernel file (Image) with the standard “booti” command. All images Armbian default to this mode and abilities core “4.1 x” on any u-boot.


I have difficulties to identify the right bits and pieces here

Here are the correct links.

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Thank you.
I’ve decided to make the change more specific for MESON SoC only.


You mean mainline u-boot V2018.05 can’t boot mainline linux 4.17.0 ?

I use distro_bootcmd can boot linux 4.17.

I used this specifically for builds of variants only under Amlogic. With the addition of config, this can already be used as a patch for the core code. :wink: