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We are facing one issue with Android 9 on vim3. It boots with portrait mode when the display (monitor) is connected and after some time screen resets to landscape mode. Does someone let us know how to fix this? We would like vim3 to boot on landscape mode.

your Device has an accelerometer, it will most likely tilt the screen according to the device orientation…
you can go to the device setting, display settings --> screen rotation and in there you can fix the device screen orientation to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees and also Auto rotate,

Just disable auto rotate, and set the angle you desire…

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Sorry for the late reply. Actully we want screen to be operate in vertical mode and for that reason we selected screen orientation to 90 but when vim3 boots it switch back to landscape and after some time it rotates to portrait mode with 90 degree rotation. Can we make this setting persistent even when vim3 is booting?

That doesn’t seem like the latest version of Android…,
did you check in Android v200624 from Terry ?

I believe there is some file you can modify to do this…

You can refer to this thread in stackoverflow

You can see the version, settings - device settings - about the device

@Electr1 @Vladimir.v.v
I think I am not able to convey what I am looking for properly let me rephrase it. I want to use Vim3 in portrait mode all the time even when its booting. I don’t want it to operate in portrait mode for any single application. For doing so screen rotation set to 90 degree usually does the trick but when I boot the Vim3 board boot animation displays in landscape and after boot it takes around 5 - 10 seconds to change its orientation back to portrait which I want to overcome. So basically screen rotation of 90 degree should be applicable all the time. Is there any way to do the same? Here is the detail of Android version of my Vim3.

Hi, you need to update your Android to the latest version

Do you have some knowledge in AOSP?

I had the same problem here:

Thanks for pointing reference but actually I don’t have that capability to modify AOSP to get things working. Is there any other way around to achieve the output?

@rcb13 have you updated your system ?

I could make an image for you but I am currently busy and you would have to get this for every update unless this feature gets officially implemented or you don‘t care about updates.

That’s very kind of you. I can understand it’s a lengthy process.

We are doing that right now. I’ll update you about the same in some time. Thanks.