Boot optimization

Hey all,

i am looking to boot to in about 5 seconds. Currently i have used the following settings for fenix:

  • minimal ubuntu image emmc
  • in uenv.txt add quite to user_boot_args
  • remove bootdelay in u-boot kvim4_defconfig
  • loglevel = 0 in amlogic_default_env.txt

and i am getting the following timings:

  • bootloader ~9seconds
  • kernel 7.9s
  • userspace 2.6s

any more tips for improving speed in the kernel or bootloader specifically?

This is no silver bullet solution, as it does require a lot of tweaking and recompiling… here is a nice article - perhaps it will point you to the right direction


Thanks, but i guess i am lacking the knowledge on kernel compilation and more specifically the amlogic chips to do this. Maybe some day ill find the time to teach myself :wink: