Best linux version of GPU & zram support (VIM2)

Which linux is the best? I have tried all the ubuntu image. But none of them support both.
These images have a good gpu support. At least I can play 1080p videos in youtube smoothly.
But zram not working.

Actually, we don’t have GPU support on VIM2 for ubuntu, Amlogic haven’t release mali blobs.

Are you sure you can play youtube 1080p video on web browser?


I have tested it again. I remember it wrong. It should be 720p(HD) video. I can pay HD video smoothly. But this OS without zram support. Therefore, the webpage load is slow. But why these

can’t even play 240p video smoothly and the older version can?

Update: I can play 1080p(Full HD)video on youtube now!! But only 30fps.

Wow, so what image you use and what you changed? :wink:

This one. But ‘smooth’ is a adjective. I compare it to others ubuntu version only. Also, I only used half screen. Not in full screen.

How is GPU support related to VPU stuff (HW accelerated video decoding)?

Yes. I know that GPU is not related to VPU stuff, :wink: