Audio player using VIM 3L + Tone board

i think we can see VolumioOS soon ! we cooperate with volumio team already !

at this moment im testing vim3+tone on another special audio OS, and check all hardware for best compatibility - i will share them soon same

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Ive ordered the Tone board, will have to wait till it arrives.
Many other DAC’s use seperate Reclockers as a buffer to accurately match the clock frequencies to minimize jitters.
How is the Tone board when it comes to recreation of hi fi audio. I dont see a reclocker in this board and I dont know if it is really required. Whats your take on this ?

Hello Khadas team.
I will be designing an Aluminum housing for the VIM3L+tone board audio streaming endpoint player.
Since there is a Al. housing, I guess the supplied antennas wont be effective, so I was thinking of using an external mounted antenna screwed on to the housing and connected using the Ipex connector.
Do you have the antenna specifications ?

It achieves better objective measurements without the need for a reclocker. Bare in mind that almost all of these boards are designed to work with a pi which has very unstable clocks as standard. So my opinion would be that these are solutions for another product not the VIM. Also bare in mind that those who have tried to improve on the performance with expensive external DC power supplies have actually degraded the sound - which should tell you that this is a top flight engineered product with a attention to detail seldom seen in the class.

It stands up against hifi products costing a grand so I would say its going to do your job.


I was actually thinking of using a Linear power supply instead of the smps that comes with the VIM3L.

There is an extensive thread discussing using a external 5V supply with the results people achieved.
However since moving over to a digital amplifier with built in digital smtp power supply - I am no longer afraid of using a “good” smtp.


What will be the power requirement for the VIM3L+Tone board+ Touchscreen +wifi?
I had read on some threads that the VIM3 boards can take from 5V to 20 V- and recommended is 12V
But the power supply that is being sold with the VIM3L boards is a 5Vx 2A =10W power supply.
So what will be the peak power drawn with all the components in use?
Should I go for a 12V or a 5V ?

Hi @Gouwa
Do you have the specs of the antenna thats supplied with the VIM3L ? Thanks

Hello, The Khadas 24 watt PD power supply will also work on the VIM3L. Requires USB-C to USB-C cable. Typically it defaults to 12vdc on the VIM3, I assume is true for 3L too.

Normally with USB C there is a power negotiation between the load and the power source, and hence you have to have a good comparable cable. This was mainly for quick charging of batteries. Does any power negotiation happen also with the VIM boards? Or does the VIM board lock at a fixed voltage ?
From the old threads what I see is if you want to power using the type C you can supply 5-12V , or 12V via the VIN molex connector ?
I wanted to use a better DC power supply instead of using the Type C. But what specs 12V 2A ?

If I recall, the VIM3 and 3L negotiate with the PD PS, default on the VIM3 is 12v, that can be changed(?).
Yes, from what I read, 12v can be applied to the USB-C or the VIN connector, I assume this is true for the 3L too.
Khadas PD 24w outputs…
USB Power Delivery Output: 5V at 3A, 9V at 2.67A, or 12V at 2A

@kenny will response here.

Hi Ro_Ro,
please download specs here

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Thanks, I picked up two 162mm long high gain antenna with SMA male connector and an IPX pigtail cable…
2400-2500MHz / 5150-5850MHZ
50 ohm
Once the board comes ill check how it performs.


VIM3L + Tone board + Touch screen has finally arrived … Yayy!!

@hyphop @Gouwa Now when will Volumio be ready for the VIM3L?

any idea on the dates it will be released ?


@hyphop maybe you can release a testing image to limited users for testing first and collect the feedbacks.

Hello, Gouwa was referring to Khadas Team member hyphop for the Volumio. He suggests hyphop release a test image for a few users. Those users can give feedback to fine tune a more broadly released Volumio image.

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i’m the volumio developer for vim3l volumio. We are not ready for a public vim3l test version yet because of outstanding issues with hdmi audio. @hyphob is helping us to resolve this issue, after that we will gladly release early versions for testing, to be downloadable from the volumio server, links will be supplied.


Thanks … will wait eagerly for the Volumio to be released …

Hello Guys,
I had been on a break with work and Christmas vacations, and now Im back.
Meanwhile I had designed the custom housing enclosure in CAD and just received it from CNC punching and bending.
The enclosure is made from sheet of 2.5mm thk Aluminum which will be the outer cover or the top cover and the main tray which houses the PCB’s is 1.5mm thk Aluminium sheet, with an anodised finish in silver.
Also got the port names laser etched to add good finishing touch.
I think it looks slick!! Check out the pics. From concept to partly final.