Audio interface with funcinality of DAC for DJ-ing

Hey guys,

I’m quite new to Khadas and actually do not really understand how all components work together.

I would like to have as basic funktion an audio interface for DJ-ing, that can be used with ASIO-drivers and contains as speakers 1+2 the RCA outputs of the Tone Board and as speakers 3+4 a headphone output and should be connectet to my PC via USB.

As an additional function I would like to use the RCA-outputs as Audio interface as DAC, connected to a digital source via usb or via bluetooth with APTX codec or via DLNA (I would like to have all 3 options) or via optical input from TV (with real optical cable - I already saw that there exist converters from Toslink to RCA digital).

Is this possible and in case if yes, what are the components I need? Is it just plugging the things together or do I need to program a software by myself?

Thanks in advance!

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