Are TS050 screen and vim4 compatible?

Are these compatible? It says so on the TS050 page but all of the images of connection seem to be for a different board. Am I missing something here?

I realized there is another ribbon cable that came with it that should fit with the board.

The board will not power up while the ribbon cable is attached.

Hello @chandrian

Which image you used? If you use current Ubuntu image, the TS050 is not supported but will add support for next release.

The current Ubuntu yes. The screen is turning on but the touch is 180 degrees out of sync. Is there a way to fix this or is there an image where it is supported?

Thanks for the reply @numbqq

Please wait for our next release.

When is that? The website says it is compatible with the VIM4… Is there another touch screen that is compatible or another work around? We have a deadline.

It seems to be working except for the touch seems to be landscape and the display is vertical.

Okay, I can provide you a test image with MIPI support next week, will update here.

Hello @chandrian

One thing need to double check with you, are you sure you use current Ubuntu image can use the TS050 touchscreen? We don’t have support on current image yet.


The latest version of Android firmware, mipi screen(TS050) can be used normally.

Hi @numbqq
Thanks for the replies. I was making some assumptions that I should not have. I grabbed the android -64 bit OS from OOWOW. It is not the Ubuntu and I dont know if that is the latest.

Hello @chandrian

As @goenjoy replied above, you can use the latest 220825 Android image.

Hi @numbqq, did you mean 220826? That is what I have installed and the touch is 180 degrees rotated

@chandrian Our test engineers have repeatedly verified that the ts050 touch screen is OK. Can you confirm whether the corresponding version of firmware is installed? View the version number in settings - > about version number.

You were correct. It was the Android OS version was somehow not the latest version and now it is working correctly. Thanks!!

@goenjoy This is for testing and we will need to switch to a screen that the client likes. I need to ask what boards are supported with the VIM4 but I’ll start a new thread.

Thanks again,