Are all boards the same?

Every hobby ive been in theres been good and better.

For instance, when i raced R/C cars in the late 90s early 2000s there were good batteries and better, good motors and better.

I got into overclocking computers and i remember searching for a specific core type at computer shows that were known to over clock better then a different “batch” (pentium 3 days)

Then i got into guitars and there were good guitars and really old ones that were better had better tone, amps were the same way something about how they aged or how the parts in the amps had been used made them sweeter sounding.

I wonder about these boards, like if some run cooler, more stable or even FASTER slightly then another one built maybe a few months earlier then another one?

Now im not talking VIm1 to Vim3, im talking a Vim1 built Q1 and say one built Q4 of a year

I believe, The correct term your looking for is “Binning” and silicon binning is like nanomolecular lottery

but I am not sure if they do that here…
maybe you could consider the VIM3’s A311D to be binned versions of the S922X ??

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well theres no doubt that the same chip and stuff on a SBC out performs something like a tv box least thats what ive found.

I wonder if that guy Birty can shed some light he has a bunch of one kind of board, i wonder if he can see if there are some boards that just seem to outperform others. I think he has something like 60 vim2s or something i wonder if he uses a program to monitor and can see if one is a slow turd and one isnt lol

maybe @birty might be free to tell you,
but I am not sure if he can sacrifice as many VIMs at a time to test, for miners, every second counts :slight_smile:

Yeah Ive got a few boards… In my experience they all work pretty much exactly the same and thats most likely down to teh build quality of the khadas boards. As you say the TV sticks are pretyt rubbsih - but they arent designed for running full tilit for ages - put decent cooling on them and they do ok, but the build quality is reflected in the price.

Do get some boards that reboot more than others in my 90vim2 rig but suspect thats more down to airflow than anything else and they dont reboot that often anyway - and i do run them at 100% cpu 24*7. I still havent had a kahdas board die on me either which is impressive as i do thrash them hard and have been since the middle of 2018!

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WOW!?! 90, that is a lot, i remember it was a few but 90 thats a few more then i remembered. That does say alot running full bore for 2 years, have they paid them self off yet? are they going to run till they generate enough for the next rig?

Not looked for a while but they were close, so expect they have now. Got the next one’s for building already just out of time to finish the software for them!