Any update on GPS yet? [Android] (+Next firmware update)

@Terry or Khadas Team

Any update on GPS yet? Frustratingly I was recommend the VIM3 for an in car project, so I bought the VIM3 Pro but clearly I didn’t do enough research :frowning:

GPS is mission critical to my required usage. I’m quite surprised GPS is seemingly problematic or an issue? I’m also surprised it’s so over-looked (Or maybe it was always an android/hardware issue?)

I have a globalsat BU-353-S4 USB GPS device. A very popular USB GPS device which has previously worked in many different applications for me (From a Windows Carputer, to MacOS, + older Android Devices (Android 7))

Does anyone perhaps have any info on a way to manually add GPS via ADB? Is that possible?

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I’m in the same boat as you and echo your thoughts


Alas, I will be returning my VIM3 Pro (via Amazon) - queries relating to GPS seem to go ignored apart from a few not really useful comments on some other topics. In 2020, it’s incredibly surprising to me that GPS is not functioning and I’m in slight disbelief it’s been so overlooked!

This is sadly useless to me personally without GPS, and for the £140 it costs in the UK, I could’ve (should’ve) just purchased an Android Tablet / Phone and an OTG HDMI cable.
Even some £40 Android TV Boxes that were also recommended to me are capable of GPS via USB but I went with the VIM3 as I thought it’d have greater flexibility - and it obviously does but with a HUGE caveat eg- no GPS support which makes it useless for its intended purpose.

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