Antenna question

Hi there,

I just got my vim3. but have a kinda silly question: I saw two antennas in the package (one for wifi, one for bt) they have different shape (probably tailored for best perf for either bt or wifi) but I don’t know which one is for wifi which is for bt, no hint on the antenna… also I don’t know which connector on board is for WiFi or BT… online documents make it super confusing too, maybe the different antenna shape don’t matter at all? but my basic RF knowledge said otherwise.

It will be great if Khadas Dev Team could clarify it a little bit. Thanks


From the translated subtitle, it looks like him doesn’t even try to distinguish BT antenna and WIFI antenna, also given the fact that in the end of the video he even placed those antenna all overlapped with each other, I don’t think he know or even care about RF stuff. I really hope someone in Khadas Team could give a clear instruction on antenna setup.

on the sides of the cover there is a recess for the antenna, if you do not have a cover, you can look at the video on YouTube where which antenna goes.
also remind you that bluetooth uses 2.4Mhz :wink:

Hey. there is code written on each antenna.
1 antenna: ANT-V-M-02 . M-Antenna to M socket
2 antenna: Ant-V-B-02 . B-Antenna to B socket